How Long Does It Take for My Album to Be Available in Stores?

It can take several days for albums to be reviewed, approved, and sent to stores. If it's important that your album go live on a specific date, click here to read about release dates. Otherwise, by default, your release will go live once ingested by stores according to the rough schedule below.

iTunes- Anywhere from same-day, to a week. A very small percentage of albums go through manual review at Apple, which takes an additional 3-days to 2 weeks or so.

Spotify: At least 5 business days.

Amazon: About 2-4 days

Google Play/YouTube Music: About 1-3 days.

Deezer: About 1-2 weeks.

TIDAL: About a week.

Pandora has their own in-house review process to curate content, so we are not able to provide too much info in regards to how long it might take releases to be added to Pandora stations (if they are). To be included in Pandora Premium (Pandora's rad streaming service), please read THIS.

Bonus: For many stores (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, more) we'll detect the moment your album goes live, and send you an email with the link!