How Is DistroKid Better Than TuneCore?

Both services upload your music to stores and give you 100% of your royalties.

DistroKid is much less expensive, and gets your music into stores faster. 

TuneCore charges $49.99 per year per album. $29.99 for the first year.

DistroKid charges $19.99 per year and lets you upload unlimited songs and albums.

So, DistroKid is unlimited. TuneCore is per-album. 

If you wanted to upload 5 albums, TuneCore would charge you $149.95 year-one, then $249.95/year forever.  DistroKid would charge you only $19.99 per year.

DistroKid is an even better deal if you want to upload a lot of singles (1-song albums). As a DistroKid member ($19.99/yr), you can upload unlimited songs, whenever you want, without thinking about money.

That's the quantitative stuff. Qualitatively, most folks find that DistroKid has the best user-interface and customer support of any similar service.

The founder of TuneCore has said "as the Founders of TuneCore, Peter Wells and I can state with no hesitation DistroKid is simply the best model for artists to distribute their music, keep their rights and get paid."  Here's a link to that article