How Is DistroKid Better Than TuneCore?

Both services upload your music to stores and give you 100% of your royalties.

DistroKid is much less expensive, and gets your music into stores faster. 

TuneCore charges $49.99 per year per album. $29.99 for the first year.

DistroKid charges $19.99 per year and lets you upload unlimited songs and albums.

So, DistroKid is unlimited. TuneCore is per-album. 

If you wanted to upload 5 albums, TuneCore would charge you $149.95 year-one, then $249.95/year forever.  DistroKid would charge you only $19.99 per year.

DistroKid is an even better deal if you want to upload a lot of singles (1-song albums). As a DistroKid member ($19.99/yr), you can upload unlimited songs, whenever you want, without thinking about money.

And that's just pricing. DistroKid also has a lot of exclusive features that make life easier for artists. Like if there are multiple artists with your same name, we make sure they don't get mixed up. We also get you instantly verified (blue checkmark and exclusive stats) in Spotify. We have unlimited free backups of your music, so you don't lose it. We have super-fast uploading. Cover song licensing. Automatic "splits" so you can pay your collaborators with ease. And much more. Check out our Instagram posts for more info about what we do & how we're different. And more love here.

And qualitatively, most folks find that DistroKid has the best user-interface and customer support of any similar service. You won't be disappointed. 

The founder of TuneCore has said "as the Founders of TuneCore, Peter Wells and I can state with no hesitation DistroKid is simply the best model for artists to distribute their music, keep their rights and get paid."  Here's a link to that article