Can I Get My ISRC Codes Before I Upload My Music?

DistroKid gives you free DistroKid ISRC codes. They're automatically generated by DistroKid and displayed to you whenever you upload any song or album. 

If you need to have your DistroKid ISRC codes before uploading music, well... there's a way to do that, but it's sort of a hack. So we don't recommend it. But if you must, here's an option.

It only works if you have Musician Plus or Label accounts.
  • Upload your music. Set the release date for sometime in the future (such as next week). 
  • ISRCs are assigned in the final steps before sending a release to stores. Once ISRCs have been assigned, you can see them to the right of track titles on the album pages of your DistroKid dashboard. Write them down or save them somewhere.
  • Delete your album right away. If you don't delete it within a few minutes of uploading it, it might get sent to stores. And, in this scenario, it seems you don't want that.
  • Upload your album again. Choose "already got an ISRC code?" on the upload form. Enter the codes that you saved from step #2.

There you have it.