Music I've Uploaded for YouTube Music Is Showing Appearing in a YouTube Channel I Don't Recognize

YouTube Music is YouTube's streaming service. DistroKid lets you easily add your music to YouTube Music. Just select "YouTube Music" on DistroKid's upload form. 

YouTube will decide which channel your music goes into: 
  • Hashtag Channels: Many artists are automatically assigned a hashtag channel. This is usually your name, preceded by the hashtag symbol. For example, #Drake. Note that this a different channel than his official channel, DrakeVEVO. Both of those channels are his. The hashtag channel includes content that's available in YouTube Music's app & streaming service.
  • Various Artists - Topic: Many times, YouTube adds artists' music to a channel called "Various Artists - Topic". This is usually for undiscovered artists with smaller play counts. When an artist becomes more popular, their music is often moved (by YouTube) to a hashtag channel.

There is no way to move your content from one of those channels, to your own YouTube channel. You can, of course, upload whatever you want directly to your regular YouTube channel. But you'll still want your music in its YouTube Music channel (one of the two in the above bullets) as well.