What is YouTube Money?

YouTube Money is a DistroKid service that gets you paid when other people use your music in their YouTube videos.

Here's how it works:
  • First, opt-into YouTube Money in the DistroKid upload form. You'll see pricing information there. Price is per release (album or single). You can also opt-in a release after it's been uploaded to DistroKid, if you prefer.
  • Once you've opted in, DistroKid will add your music to YouTube's ContentID database. This is YouTube's system that's able to identify when your music appears in any YouTube video. Here's a video that explains ContentID
  • When YouTube detects your music in a video, monetization (ads) will be turned-on for that video. If there is a text or banner ad on the YouTube video with your music in it and the watcher clicks on the text or banner, or if there is a commercial before or after the video and the watcher watches up to 30 seconds or the entire commercial, ad revenue is collected.
  • The ad revenue (minus 20%) will go to you, instead of the person who uploaded the video. These earnings will be shown in your DistroKid "Bank" tab.
If there are any YouTube videos that you want us to ignore, you can whitelist them here.