Can You Send My Music to Pandora?


You can opt into Pandora at no additional charge.

We will submit your music to Pandora, but that's no guarantee it will go live in Pandora Radio. That's because Pandora Radio has their own in-house review process for curating content. And because Pandora's curation process is out of our (or anyone's) hands, we're not able to provide much info with regard to what gets chosen, or how it will take to go live in Pandora.

To have your music included in Pandora Premium, Pandora's rad streaming service, there's an extra step you need to take. You can learn about that HERE.

A good way to find out if you've been selected for Pandora, is to to type your artist name or song title(s) into the Pandora app sometime (a week? longer?) after you've uploaded the music to DistroKid. If your search shows results, then... congrats! You're in! 

Another way to know if you got selected, is if you start to see Pandora earnings in your DistroKid account. Click here for more information on DistroKid earnings.